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Damprite offer expert service principally in the analysis and handling of damp, flaws in wood and rot issues. Security is our main priority, and we have a flawless safety record. Understanding of the environment is also of high importance, and our goal is to diminish use of preservatives to crucial needs only.

We are also a bat friendly company and all our treatment measures are applied in a manner which doesn’t bother the bat environment.

Damprite are leading providers of Woodworm and Dry rot services. We provide a full service from initial survey and reports to a comprehensive treatment.

Our homes can sometimes be invaded by voracious insects. Some of these are quite harmless, although they can cause a great deal of irritation and even weaken the structure of your home(woodworm), and they often go overlooked until the damage is done, so it is very important to have your home checked by one of our surveyors for any signs of Woodworm and Dry rot.

Dry rot fungus frequently causes extensive damage in buildings prior to detection. Our specialist staff are fully qualified and trained to treat these environments to the best standards, while maintaining outstanding customer service. We are leading providers of Woodworm and Dry rot services.

Condensation in Buildings

A common issue in construction detailing regarding draught proofing and modern day living arrangements gives rise to condensation. Condensation typically grows in the form of dark staining on ceilings and walls or mildew on cloths and can make a prevalent nasty smell of damp.

Condensation mould can cause concern concerning health problems, chiefly in regards to children, and also arises frequently as a combative problem between renters and property-owners.

We offer an expert reporting service which will set out the reasons of condensation present, and express stipulations for remedial works which will guarantee acceptable control of condensation.

Building Rising Damp

Damp Rising ground dampness is the term used where the lower regions of old walls are affected by dampness from the ground. In a contemporary building, a sealed damp-proof skin is placed in block work at a low level, which works as a barricade against moving ground dampness.

In past times, rising ground dampness and its properties were not a severe problem, and with the exception of very far sighted practice, old stone and brick walls were not offered with a damp-proof membrane. The result is that naturally arising waters from the ground are immersed by the porous materials of wall construction i.e. bedding and pointing mortars.

Additionally, the soared ground waters have the volume to rise by capillary action, reaching an average height of 1 metre. The result is that the affected walls are lastingly damp at a low-level, being clearly affected in the form of damp staining of decorations, breakdown of plaster, weakening of skirting timbers, window panelling timbers, etc.

Our business offers the 2 main systems by which rising damp is removed:

(A.) siliconate or liquid chemicure injection damp-proof course.

(B.) electro-osmotic damp-proof system. Before committing to remedial damp-proof treatments, with related disturbance and cost, it is vital that the real cause of low-level dampness is recognised.

Other factors could subsidise; such as pipe leaks, incorrect level of damp-proof course, defective floor damp-proof course, high external ground levels, etc. We will be pleased to provide you with a specialist assessment of wall dampness; setting out the source, recommended remedial action, and cost associated with same.


Nobody likes the impression of woodworm chewing the timbers of our roofs, floors and stairs! Unimpeded woodworm insect attack can eventually result in wilting of timbers, and in more serious cases, destabilise the structural security of roof timbers.

We offer an examination service to direct and report on the nature of woodworm present, followed by a devoted woodworm treatments service, which guarantees removal of additional woodworm activity.

Dry / Wet Rot

All houses both new and old can experience dry rot. It is vital that expert guidance is gotten where distrustful growths are found, eg: rotting of skirting boards, window frames, window linings, and worse still, appearance of mushrooms or fungal growths.

We will, where needed, offer you with all essential help from early diagnosis to final refurbishment, including references for your Building Contractor.

Pipe Leaks / Flooding

Pipe leaks occur and buildings do get flooded inside. The property Insurer will reimburse for losses experienced, it is vital that all features of water damage on your premises are recognised, detailed and costed before confirming insurance talks, and also prior to formalising restoration contracts with your Building Contractor.

We provide an expert reporting service, specifically in this area, and our reports are accepted by the Insurance Assessors, Engineers and Insurance Companies.

Building Renovation / Refurbishment

If you want to update, modernise and/or refurbish an older premises, it is important that all conceivable flaws are entirely acknowledged before confirming a opportunity of works and contact with your builder. Our business will provide you with an expert inspection valuation and report setting out all applicable items in regard to damp, timber wellbeing, rot problems, etc. which should be measured in articulating approximations and contractual promises for the works.