Damp and Solving Damp

What is Damp? Damp comes in three forms: rising dampness, penetrating dampness, and condensation. We help with many other defects like dry rot, wet rot, black mould, woodworm, restoration and…

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Woodworm Treatment Services in Ireland

What Is Woodworm / Wood Worm? A wood boring insect and the wood-boring larva of the beetle. Insects penetrate wood and the damaged condition of wood resulting from infestation. Buildings…

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Condensation in Buildings

Problems & Solutions of Condensation in the home The Problem: nowadays, construction detailing in terms of draught proofing and modern day living patterns gives rise to a growing problem, which…

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Surveys and Reports

Surveys and Reports for buildings in Ireland Building Surveys If you have a serious damp issues other than rising or falling damp problems, we can offer a comprehensive moisture monitoring…

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