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Wet Rot / Dry Rot
All wood rotting fungi require moisture in order to thrive. Keep timber dry it will not decay. However, if untreated timber is allowed to become damp and to remain in that condition, it can be attacked by one or more of the many species of wood rotting fungi/woodworm. The terms ‘wet rot’ and ‘dry rot’ ... Read More
Damprite History
Damprite Damp-proofing Contractor. Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can! Our Company was formed in July 1985 with the expressed objective of providing a dedicated specialist service to the damp timber treatments and building preservation disciplines.For me personally, this development was perhaps a natural progression, having been born into a building family, and serving all ... Read More
Condensation in Buildings

Condensation in Buildings

Condensation is caused by a change of the physical state of matter from gas phase to liquid, and is the reverse of evaporation. The word most often refers to the water cycle. Condensation happens when dampness is formed. When air with water makes contact with a cold surface. The generating damp causes damage to walls, ... Read More
Woodworm Treatment in Ireland
Damprite Woodworm Treatment in Ireland What Is Woodworm / Wood Worm? A wood boring insect and the wood-boring larva of the beetle. Insects penetrate wood and the damaged condition of wood resulting from infestation. Buildings suffering from dampness, woodworm, and wood rot are a target of Woodworm Common causes of wood worm. Any beetle that ... Read More
Damp and Solving Dampness
Damp and Solving Damp What is Damp? Damp comes in three forms: rising dampness, penetrating dampness, and condensation. We help with many other defects like dry rot, wet rot, black mould, woodworm, restoration and conversion and waterproofing. Damp starts in ground water, rain water and moisture within the atmosphere and affects the majority of properties ... Read More
Surveys and Reports
Surveys and Reports for buildings in Ireland Building Surveys If you have a serious damp issues other than rising or falling damp problems, we can offer a comprehensive moisture monitoring service and issue a report with recorded data for relative humidity and temperature fluctuations. In addition, damprite offer a drying out and monitoring service for ... Read More
Knowing and Dealing with Rising Damp Rising damp occurs when the moisture in the soil rises up through a wall by a process known as capillary action. Old buildings were built without a damp proofing course or the damp proofing course may have failed due to the age of the property. The water rising is ... Read More
Rising damp Symptoms and Treatments
Rising damp is at the lower part of walls and solid floors, and is caused by nature – water soaking up from the ground. Modern houses, will be protected by a waterproof barrier that’s built into the walls 150mm above the ground called the damp proof course and another one that’s laid under concrete floors ... Read More